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My Practice

Providing Psychotherapy in Pennsylvania & Wisconsin

Telephone/Video Conferencing 

I provide psychotherapy by telephone and/or video-conferencing. Many people find these virtual platforms offer flexibility, privacy and convenience.  Licensure regulations for the practice of psychology require that I limit my service to states where I am licensed.  I am licensed in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. However, I will become credentialed shortly in a number of other states where I can provide teletherapy services. So stay tuned for more….

Information for Pennsylvania Residents

Pennsylvania is familiar turf to me spanning the state from graduate work in Philadelphia, to years of psychoanalytic training in Pittsburgh. I know the lovely PA countryside well, and Lancaster County is where I pin my virtual office.

From Philadelphia to Harrisburg, from Allegheny to Bucks County, I see clients from all parts of the state.


Information for Wisconsin Residents

Once upon a time there was a brick and mortar building where, as a decades-long resident of Wisconsin, I would meet my clients in person. My practice office was in close proximity to downtown Milwaukee where I could take the "Hop" around town. Even then, however, my clients came not only from Milwaukee, but the Fox Valley, Madison and "up-North" via Telehealth Therapy. I continue to provide psychotherapy to residents throughout the state of Wisconsin via Telehealth.

I see individuals who prefer to meet virtually due to the privacy and ease of access it offers. For some individuals, the surety that insurers do not have access to your record helps to feel comfortable and deepen your therapy as you feel confident to do so.


Practice Information:


I work with you to establish times for the “frame“ of our work.  The “frame” is a term used for our agreement about how we will work together.  We decide on:

1) Frequency of sessions and when those sessions will take place

2) Session fees and form of payment

3) Cancellations and how they are handled

4) Where we will meet.  I am using a HIPAA compliant video platform, or if you prefer, we can meet by telephone. I see people in psychotherapy once weekly and with more frequency for psychoanalytic processes.  


  • Sessions are on a fee-for-service basis.  I may offer fee adjustments as appropriate. 

  • Fee Range: $165-$250

  • I accept payment by credit card, HSA, FSA at the time of service.  

  • Please Note: We will set a session fee and confirm the dates, times and frequency of your therapy sessions. 

  • Accordingly,  a "Good Faith Estimate" of your expenses is available to you after January 1, 2022 and by your request at any time. 

Why Pay for Therapy Out-Of-Pocket?

I was an in-network provider with insurances for many decades and have seen how some insurer involvement in the therapy process may compromise your ability to decide the best course of treatment. I have seen therapy curtailed by insurers whether you submit claims for services in, or out-of-network.  It is better for you, if you and I decide what kind of therapy you might benefit from, and we, not your insurer decide when you have reached yours goals.   

I discuss your therapy goals with you, make recommendations, and we talk about treatment options without a third party dictating the plan.  

I believe that your privacy and confidentiality are essential to the work.  I realize that an investment in your mental health and well-being is a big decision; I have worked with many, many, clients committed to a process where they have the choice and freedom to complete their therapy in their own time, not on insurers’ terms and time frame.   

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