Person-Focused Problems

The Problems that Bring People to Teletherapy

The adults I see experience low mood, anxiety, relationships issues, postpartum mood changes, discomfort, discontent, bereavement, and lack of fulfillment and/or satisfaction in any of the following, and more:


Those I see hope for an opportunity to work on themselves in a private place and trusting relationship. I work with adults of all walks of life who are motivated and invested toward change. The people I see are frequently professionals: attorneys, doctors, nurses, mental health providers, alternative health providers, psychiatrists & residents, educators, engineers, executives, business women, musicians, artists, university faculty, administration & students. They are curious about their inner world and want to understand themselves better.  Psychotherapy is a shared journey.  It is not an easy process, however when someone understands the problems that have always troubled you, it is a tremendous relief! 

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